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Generational Planning

by Brian Skrobonja

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When it comes to generational planning, what I have found is that many people desire to leave their kids and grandkids better positioned financially, spiritually, and with wisdom to make their lives better than their own. However, it is most often wishful thinking, since many people spend very little time thinking about their legacy, taking action to transfer assets, instill their values and their wisdom to the next generation. I have found that people often live as if money, their beliefs, their values, and their wishes are secret and seldom do much of anything to organize and communicate them to their children or grandchildren. An unfortunate roadblock to the entire idea of generational planning is that many people will miss the opportunity to enhance the next generation by living with a scarcity mindset and a lack of confidence to lead their family. For us to leave a legacy and enhance the next generation, we must begin to realize that living in scarcity and keeping our wishes for future generations a secret leaves the next generation starting over; the pattern of scarcity and secrecy is repeated generation after generation.



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The Welsh planning minister has written to all chief planning officers highlighting the importan... This multi-generational gable house plan is essentially two houses in one, offering attached accommodations while maintaining a sense of privacy




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